Scout II Base
Transmission Manual
Replace the current 3.2L 196 Slant-4 with a larger 4.0 345 V8, reinforce the body as well as replace the destroyed quarter panels, add magnaflow exhaust, add CARB compliant cold air intake, possibly turbo charge, replace all gauge clusters as well as much of the wiring.
Replaces all wheel bearings after one failed and cause the axle to come free, rebuilt my top end, added 3 in. lift, fox racing suspension, rebuilt the DAYNA 90 transfer case, rebuilt differntial with a 4.1:1 Gear ratio, added HID and a light bar (later stolen).
She was my dads first truck, not very well maintained. Had a plethora of issues like a bent frame and rusted out quarter panels.
3 in. lift from rough county.
34 in custom made baja wheels on stock rims.
3.2L Slant-4 /
110.8@4000 /
157@2200 /
4-CYL /
196 in. /
4.125 /
3.656 /
8.02:1 /
19L /
12 /
Its a hunk of junk but its my hunk of junk.
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