Stealth's Purple Failboat
6 Mazdaspeed
Transmission Manual
Upgraded fuel pump, upgraded TMIC, upgraded RSB, E85 tune
Purchased used off someone else's lease in 2009
GT Trim, Two-tone black-and-white leather interior, Bose Audio, Auto Climate Control, Moon Roof
SURE Full 3 Aeros ID300 intake, SURE M6 Test Pipe, Cobb AP with Stratified Automotive Tune, SURE Shortcut Short Shift Plate and Countershift Weight,SURE Anchors, SURE Ventus BOV in Hybrid Mode, SURE Return, SURE Charge Tubes, Autolite XP (One Step Colder) Plugs, ACT 6-Puck Sprung Clutch, ACT Prolite Flywheel
STOPTECH Rotors, Hawk HPS Pads F/R, Technafit SS Lines, ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid
Primewel PZ900 All Seasons
O Series Stubby Antenna
SURE AGS Atom Shift Know, Whistler Pro-78SE
SURE S6 Side Motor Mounts, SURE Torq R6 RMM, SURE Dreadnaught and Juggernaught rear diff mounts
2.3L DISI Tubro / 2.3L DISI Turbo
274 / ~330
282 / ~360
4 / 4
2.3L / 2.3L
3580 / 3580
15.6 / 15.6
18-22 / 17-22
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