Eclipse GT
Transmission Manual
To continue pushing forward with R&D for intake system upgrades & camshafts. This along with other changes will be configured into a new engine build and future platform development.
Vehicle has been slowly modified from the wheels & tires, brakes, suspension, cooling, exhaust, engine, and EcuFlash tuning at each stage of the process. The vehicle is being built for an aggressive daily driver that can hit the road course as easy as a change of shoes.
Bought the vehicle @ 85K miles, completely stock with the exception of a Ralco short throw shifter and an AEM cold air intake system. Drove the car with no tuning for two days, tuned the car, went back and bought the vehicle.
3.8L 6G75 MIVEC Engine Swap, Stage 2 Clutch & Lightweight Flywheel, Full exhaust system, AEM Cold Air Intake, AEM UEGO, ECU Tuned, Mishimoto aluminum radiator, 6g74 fuel rails
KSport GTPro Coilovers, EvoVIII Brembo Brake Conversion
Ceramic coated Nissan 350Z Wheels
Debadged, Aero Duo wing, paint matched headlight housings
BHM custom short throw shifter, hydrodipped door trim panels, AEM UEGO installed in dash vent pod.
Extensive weight reduction
6G72 / 6G75
195 / 264
205 / 260
6 / 6
3.0L / 3.8L
3142 / ????
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Keeping a low key, working on some big projects the last year or so. Check out the build thread I just updated some info there

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where've you been brotha?? looking good!

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This is one of the new-gens I can totally appreciate man. Well done