Dung's 700hp Bentley Continental GT by HG Motorsports
Continental GT
Transmission Automatic
Upgraded twin turbos, intercoolers, charge pipes, port and polish internals, built up tranny, Custom exhaust system from the downpipes to the mufflers
2 piece brake rotors, stainless steel brake lines, custom brake pad compounds
Custom one off Lightweight monoblocks by Savini Wheels designed for this car to withstand abuse
One off carbon fiber Bentley Carbon fiber (hood,trunk,bumpers, bucket seats, air intake and side skirts)
Boost controller, boost and air/fuel gauges
Areodynamics built by Sector7Motoring. Custom motor work done by Efrenbuilt. Mapped and Dyno by HG Motorsports and Delicious Tuning
/ 700
/ 900
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