Transmission Manual
The 916 was my boyhood dream bike. I was destined to have one. Way before i even knew when I'd be able to have a bike, when i was young, I knew what i was going to have. Last year, that opportunity presented itself. I had sold some cars, i was getting more work, and i found one close by. It had been painted by a monkey in a couple shades of its original red, and it needed a starter sprag clutch. But it was mine. I went through it, fixed what needed to be fixed and had a coworker paint it, and he did a damn fine job. If i'm not out riding it, i'm staring at it. I took it with me on my unsuccessful move to georgia late last year, where it stayed with Randy Pobst's personal collection while I was off cavorting in my BMW. When it was time to bring the Dart Swinger home from NC, we made a stop in Gainesville, GA so i could ride it all the way back to Stuart, FL. That was a fun ride, but more was to come. After riding nearly every single day down in FL as well, it was time to come back to CO. In January. Broomfield was 2000 miles from Stuart, and in a break in the arctic blasts, I had the same coworker from CO come down to drive the car back, and I rode the 916 the whole way in 4 days. Some said it couldn't be done. Almost everyone called me crazy. That all may be tru, but my latest trip took me to Vegas in a day. 797 miles on a 916 from Lafayette, Co to Sin City in one go. I took 2 days on the way back, but i do love this thing. Even with its microscopic service intervals and the terrible pain associated with touring on it.
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