"The Panty Dropper"
Civic EX
Transmission Manual
Can't polish a turd.
Always and forever a daily driver.
Mass-produced somewhere in Japan.
6-disc changer, sunroof
K&N panel filter, NGK plug wires
Rear drums FTW
Fugly hubcaps are missing paint. Mismatched tires for ultimate roadholding.
Covered in dings and tree sap. Paint has some nice lacquer checking.
Cheap and noisy. Windows like to jump out of the track. Driver's seat belt locks with no warning.
Pioneer DEH-6400BT
Cigarette lighter
Squash CS-X3 air freshener
D16Y8 /
127 hp @ 6,600 rpm /
107 lb /
4 /
1590 cc /
75 mm /
90 mm /
9.6:1 /
4x100 /
Rain water
It gets great gas mileage, and that's about it.
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