Nissan Sentra
Sentra S
Transmission Automatic
not much planned, odds are it will goto my daugher as her car and I'll buy me another Nissan
slow and steady
Started bone stock with electrical problems and body damage
2.0 liter
2" drop springs front and rear
MB seven x 16" wheels wrapped in Nitto rubber
LED Glow underbody kit
Stock with a few lighting and trim mods
Pioneer Head, Kenwood 2400w Amp, 8 8" polk DB subs, Pold DX 6.5 components in the doors and back deck
15 & 17 yr old co pilots that are way to chatty
Maintained with religion regularly, I work for Nissan. I'm allways reppin!
Modified Injen cold air intake, header, Flowmaster Muffler.
Did the bodywork myself, paint was done by Barnett's Bodyshop of Byram in Nissan Briliant Silver
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