The StRranger
Ranger XLT
Transmission Manual
Exhaust, bed coating. No plans to lift it or get too serious with any mods.
Got it dirt cheap, serves as a daily driver and parts hauler.
barely any- XLT extended cab with 4wd, 4.0L and power steering- that's about it. No A/C, no power windows/locks.... theres beauty in simplicity.
K&N FIPKII intake kit.
E3 Plugs.
Bumped frot torsion bars up a tad to clear 31/10.50R15's on my wheels with no rubbing- not maxed.
American Racing Type 23, 15x7. Used stock center caps and lug nuts, I think it looks better than push through caps.
DeeZee aluminum bed box.
Uniden CB.
Firestik CB Antenna.
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