RX-8 Base
Transmission Manual
To start It's getting a Rev8 exhaust from Racing Beat. Next I'm saving up for some Ohlins DFV coilovers that will probably be on next summer. Finally I want to turbo the engine with an Esmeril Racing kit that will boost me up to about 400whp and wheel torque at 16psi. Along with the turbo kit I'll replace the apex seals with Esmeril Racing seals, upgrade the clutch/flywheel(not sure what to get yet), upgrade the ignition system, New ECU and handset for tuning on the go and upgrade the radiator. Body wise I'll get the Mazdaspeed body kit and rims.
Haven't done anything yet but you better believe I will.
Haven't had the car for that long but already I know that it will never get old driving it. It has a near perfect 50/50 weight distribution and it really shows in the corners. The engine is a 13B-MSP Renesis rotary which makes about 230hp and 165ft.lbs. of torque normally aspirated. Mazda will discontinue this car this year with the 2013s being sold only in Japan which I believe will make this car a future classic.
Sport pack: includes sport brakes and suspension. Sport body kit.
6 disc in dash cd changer, cruise control.
Limo tint
13B-MSP /
232hp/9000rpm / /
2 Rotor /
1.3L /
10:1 /
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