rx-7 fc
Transmission Manual
Replace blown 13b with s4 13btII and street port and run a 13b rew upper intake manifold and bigger turbo then run a mega squirt III standalone ecu. Gilmer drive pully, 2 way lsd run some work meister s1
Took out the dents, lowered her on tein coilovers, put 15x8" and 15x8.5" xxr 002 on the added a full 3" straight pipe with dual Megan mufflers stage 3 clutch.
Stock everything, dented rear quarter panel and front fender.
Turbo, power windows, and mirrors....
Manual windows, mirrors
Street port, Gilmer driver pulley upgrade apex seals, and intake manifold run off a MAP sensor
Twin coilovers, hydraulic ebrake, stainless steel braided brake lines.
15x8", 15x8.5" xxr 002
Stock body but going to run wide body fenders and front and rear bumper under some research.
Currently stripped of interior, and floor tar, and dash, ready to be stitch welded and formula drift and scca spec roll cage welded in. Also building a custom dash. Battery and full cell in the rear
Alpine touch screen deck with alpine rear speakers, plan to run a kicker 10" sub
Hks turbo timer, aem fuel safe/ wide band mega squirt ecu, aem boost, oil pressure, temp etc..
Main battery kill switch, circuit breaker and some switches for electric fan, fuel pump, lights....
13b t2 /
? /
? /
? /
? /
2 rotor /
1.3l /
? /
? /
? /
0 /
4" /
4" /
5x114.3 /
10 gal /
lol /
Griots wash and wax, armoral tire shine.
Royal purple 5w-30,
Precision turbo, hks, aem, tein, megen racing, xxr, mazdatrix, Atkins rotary.
Electric blue, foresight body kit, big country labs
Grip royal, bride racing, crow racing.
This is my project alot more to come, most hand made fabrication and body will be made by myself and friends.
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Nice dude, pics!

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Forsure will once I figure out the site! Haha