The Lude
Prelude Si
Transmission Automatic
Black XXR 521s with "punk spike" mod. Full body bed coat job. Painting the body flat olive. Leaving the hood, trunk, wing, lips, and sunroof bed coat black. Complete amber LED conversion to all compatible applications (all interior lights, all rear exterior lights, all front exterior lights excluding low and high beams.) Lowering 1.75" front and rear. Megan racing exhaust system (header, cat-back, muffler.) AEM V2 intake. front and rear toe hooks. thats about all i can think off this far.
home made intake. works very well but will be replace with a real one eventually. tinted the windows, painted the wheels, painted the wing and license plate cowl. removed back seats. changed the dash lights to red LEDs. dome light is red. modified the front license plate. replaced headlights with projectors. Nokya hyper yellow bulbs. corner lights, front and side signal lights. "stealthed out" DRLs. lips painted with bed coat. custom made tail lights. Highly modified manual to automatic grenade shifter nob.
lots. bought it stock from a lot. i think the very first mod i did was paint the wheels. i did go threw the body kit phase... never again. had six spoke eagle alloy wheels for maybe a year. still looking to replace them, but currently rolling on the stock Si wheels.
stock suspension and calipers . ADO ceramic pads, oem discs
Si stock 15"s
... Panda Domo rear view charm ... lol
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