Miata Base
Transmission Manual
I honestly don't know about the future of this car, I will definitely do something to it eventually. I might just slap a turbo in the motor to try and make over 220hp, or save money to do an LSx swap with all supporting mods or Swap in a Built 1.8 + FM Hydra kit.
This car is my DD for the most part, i drive it as much as i can unless there is snow or heavy rain. Its not the most powerful thing in the road, but its fun and light. The driving experience in different compared to other cars.
Basic 1.6 Miata
soft top
M45 Supercharger
Carb Legal Powercard
Thermal R&D Exhaust
Racing clutch
Kony Yellow Shocks
Flying Miata Springs
Flying Miata Swaybars (front and rear)
Torsen LSD
16x8.5 M Technica Turbos
205 45 16 Nitto NeoGen
Garage Vary Front Spoiler
Custom Hardtop
Mud Guards
360mm Broadway Mirror
150mm Bubble Shift knob
115bhp / 145bhp
Basic Tune up every 2k miles
E3 spark plugs
K&N Oil filter
Royal Purple 5w30
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