Blue Meanie II
Civic LX
Transmission Manual
d15b with 55k and dual point fuel injection, custom cold air, modified ebay catback. Not installed: Mpfi swap, jg edelbrock race header w/ 2.5 in. collector mod.
tokico blues and eibach prokit springs. rear ebay strut brace, front neuspeed. Not installed: Front and rear lower tie bars, ES master set, ES poly rear trailing arm bushing.
crappy vw snowflakes(scrapped), 13" honda access sport alloys from 83 accord(sold), da integra sawblades, integra starfish 15s(current).
Factory Cobal Blue Pearl
american flag little tree freshener and hello kitty storm trooper sticker lol. Also jdm as fuuuuu spoon sports duracon shift knob and convex broadway
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Ah old school!

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yea it sure is i love it. needs a new throwout bearing and axel though. kind of a pain that they put in a new clutch and reused the bearing lol.