Old Smokey (SOLD)
B2600 Base
Transmission Manual
Lift kit, header + straight pipe, better set of rims and tires for light offroad hooning. Also a new cylinder head and front end allignment.
Nothing yea except for a good cleaning.
Not much history... Clean frame from road/hauling use in the seattle area. Mostly a commuter.
Emissions removed, Webber Carb upgrade, straight exhaust.
crappy aftermarkets hopefully a set of good toyota or nissan stockers.
Blacked out grill and emblems.
Cheesy .44 mag shift knob.
a cd player lol...
bed toolbox and revvolution sticker
G54B /
105@5000 /
145@2500 /
2.6 liter /
3.586 in. /
3.858 in. /
8.7:1 /
webber carb
Its old but very very straight for the year. Also it seems to me the mazda is very rare compared to the toyos and nissans i see everywhere. Love the looks it gets me but i really need new rims.
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