Clean title, stock-ish IT...
Integra Type R
Transmission Manual
Possibly an SMSP custom 4-2-1 header with test pipe and Mugen twin loop cat back.
Potenza RE-11 extreme summer tires, JDM titanium shift knob to replace original leather knob, JDM red stitched shift boot to replace original black stitched boot.
3rd owner, bought with 63,xxx miles. Garage queen for the first 13 years of its life, now a weekend warrior and track toy. All stock at purchase minus AEM cold air intake. Original stock airbox and intake is sitting in a box in storage.
Dealer installed air conditioning
Checkered floor mats
Checkered Integra Type R trunk mat
1.8L VTEC engine rated at 195bhp/130btq
Cold air intake
Stock 15x6 5x114.3 bolt pattern wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires
Stock, ORIGINAL paint
Original seats and floor mats
JDM titanium shift knob
JDM red stitched shift boot
B18C5 /
195/8000 /
130/7500 /
4 /
1.8L /
81mm/3.189in /
87.2mm/3.433in /
10.6:1 /
4380mm/172.4in /
1695mm/66.7in /
1320mm/51.9in /
2570mm/101.2in /
5.3m (radius) /
135mm /
135mm /
5 /
2700 lbs WITH driver (150lbs) /
13.2 gallons /
25 city/30 highway /
Up to date, local mechanic for small things like oil change, dealer for regular service intervals.
AEM cold air intake
Edelbrock stainless steel brake lines
ATe Typ200 brake fluid
Hawk HP+ brake pads front, OEM rear
Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires 205/50/15
Championship White NH-0
#208 of 318 1997 ITRs in the US. One of the last remaining stock, clean titled ones.

Mileage as of 12/6/2011: ~70,000

Been to quite a few track days, car is really a blast to drive. Not enough horsepower to keep up in the straights, but the feeling after getting blown past and then catching up to them after a few corners because of better braking and handling is wonderful.
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