C30 2.4i
Transmission Manual
Non due to a baby on the way...
2009- Cracked OEM rims, I used Orange rims for the winter.

2010- Megan Racing Springs, 19x8 ADR X-Factors wheels, and Elevate Rear Sway bar

2011- Elevate camber arms, stainless steel brake lines, rear performance brake pads, turbo inlet pipe, and multifuel tune which gives me an extra 60hp and 70 ft lbs of tq when running on e85.

18x8.5 Forgestar F14 wheels, 17x8 Pegasus wheels.

Snabb Short shifter, K&N drop in air filter, KW v1 Coilovers, Custom Boost and Air fuel ration center gauge, and Custom Polka dot headliner, yes, its polka dot.

2012- unknown due to having a baby...
I bought this car because of the Overseas Delivery program and for the looks more than anything. so far my car has cracked 2 of its OEM rims, hit a skunk, and the interior has spontaneously combusted on me. But all these little mistakes have made me build a one of a kind c30 focused on handling, power, and looks.
Fully loaded c30 minus the Dual climate control, Passenger power seat, and Navigation
Turbo inlet pipe, K&N drop in air filter, and Autotech multifuel tune(allows me to use e85 for better power gains over premium)
Rear sway bar, KW v1 Coilovers, Rear performance brake pads, Stainless steel brake lines.
2009-Stock Midir wheels and 16x7 bbs look alikes orange winter set up. 2010- 19x8 ADR X-Factors and 16x7 bbs look alikes orange winter set up. 2011- 18x8.5 Forgestar F14 wheels and 17x8 Oem pegasus(winter set up)
custom from factory ice white R-design with OEM bodykit. Debaged back, Prancing moose front emblem, and 22% window tint.
Black and white R-design seats, Custom gauge pod in the center speaker grill, polka dot headliner, and matte black interior trim peices.
Dyanaudio sound system
Sunglass holder
Snabb Short shifter and 5mm spacers somewhere
B5254T7 / B5254T7
169 kW / 208.8 kW
214 / 280
320 N·m / 447 N-m
252 / 330
5 / 5
2.52L / 2.52L
83/3.27 / 83/3.27
93.2/3.67 / 93.2/3.67
9.0:1 / 9.0:1
425.2cm / 425.2cm
203.9cm / 203.9cm
144.7cm / 144.7cm
264cm / 264cm
34.77 feet / 34.77 feet
stock / fucking low
stock / -2.3 inches
5 / 5
63.4 / 63.4
2930lbs / 2925lbs
14 / 14
25mpg / 32mpg on premium and 24mpg on e85
Motul synthetic oil
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