My Modded TL
TL Base
Transmission Automatic
After putting time, blood, sweat and about $10k worth of modifications on it...just enjoy it as my daily driver while I save up for a GTR ;)
I forget the exact flow of the mods, but it's got a whole lot more on it now than it did when I bought it ;)
Bought car outright, bone stock in November 2008. Discovered Acurazine in February 2009, joined the forum...and spent the next 3+ years tastefully modifying the ride.
-Unorthodox Racing Lightweight Crank Pulley
-P2R Thermoblock Gaskets on IM & TB
-70mm big bore Throttle Body
-ATLP v2 Jpipe
-RV6 test pipe
-ATLP custom catback exhaust
-Tokico HTS dampers
-Tein H Tech springs
-Type S rear sway bar
-Ingalls rear camber kit
-Endless BBK...only one on a 3G TL that I know of ;)
-Ron Jon Sport Design Legends, 18x8 +32 offset, Raven Black Machined finish
-RAYS gunmetal racing lugs
-Bridgestone 970AS tires
-Acura A-spec lip kit
-Custom carbon fiber CSL style trunk spoiler
-TL Type S tail lights & rear sidemarkers
-Black OEM TL floor mats on tan/black interior
Bullet Polish products (swirl remover, high shine polish, & finishing polish), Black Magic tire wax, other assorted products
Castrol GTX High Mileage 5W-30
AEM, ATLP, RV6, Unorthodox Racing, P2R, Endless, Tein, Tokico
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