Shift S3ctor Blue
GT-R Premium
Transmission Automatic
there is no more mods available to go to,its at the highest level possible at this time
Car went from stock,two months later Alpha 6,2.5 months later went to Alpha10,a month later went to Alpha14, 3 weeks later went to Alpha 16
one willow spring event,2 Shift S3ctor events
4.1L AMS Alpha omega spec
AMS drag suspension /AMS Carbon Ceramic breaks
Modulare B18 20's
Carbon Fiber Hood,Roof,Trunk
rear seat delete,roll cage,AMS race seats
Titek 102mm exhaust
3.8 / 4.1
545 / 1600
400 / 1100
6 / 6
3.8 / 4.1
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