YSOSLOW ZR1 Shift-S3ctor
Corvette ZR1
Transmission Manual
Picked Her up in may after having a 13 zl1, build started in november of 13 and is about wrapped up (will be done jan of 14) Ported heads, cam, Ported blower,ported LPE snout, lpe intake, n20 spray bars in the blower 200 shot with 2 gal fuel cell mounted in trunk, kooks 2" Long tubes and catless x, akrapovic mufflers. Carbon 8 spoke concave 360 forged wheels, apr diffuser, c7 carbon rear extended spoiler, g3 composites carbon fender guards.
custom ground lunati cam package, AI ported heads with lunati springs and push rods, Ported blower, Ported LPE snout, lpe intake, n20 spray bars in blower with 200 jets 2 gallon fuel cell in rear for spray set up, kooks 2" long tubes, akrapovic mufflers
carbon ceramic brakes
forged 360 carbon 8 spoke concave, also forgestar cf5s in 18's for the DR's
apr diffuser, c7carbon extended carbon spoiler, g3 composite carbon fender guards
ls9 /
8 /
376/6.2L /
4.065" /
3.622" /
9.0:1 /
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Anthony A2/10/2018

Absolutely love this combination, looks great. Question about your light covers, what brand are they? Are they acrylic or a film? And how is the
fit and finish? Would you recommend? Thanks in advance.