Expo SP
Transmission Automatic
We plan on running this engine stock for now or until the timing belt fails. Once that happens we will fit the 4G64 with a DOHC head from a 4G63T as well as a stock DSM turbo setup and ECU to make for a fun family ride. Hopefully the timing belt holds out for a good while as we plan on taking this to attend the DSM shootout this summer.
After I get this wagon all cleaned up we plan on some dark window tint and a full AV system as well as going through the low mileage 4G64 2.4L engine to tidy up some leaks.
Came across this Expo sitting next to a warehouse with a bunch of other junk. Missing two wheels and the cat converter. Paid Scrap price for it, $300. Body and interior near perfect except for the faded roof. Common on most DSM's It had not ran in 7 years and the garage that had possession of it said that it was an electrical issue and good luck fixing it. The day I went to pick it up it ran on brakeclean in the intake so I knew a fuel problem was the culprit. I removed the tank and it was pretty gummed up so I got it all steamed out and cleaned, flushed the fuel lines. I also bench flow tested and cleaned the injectors and put it all back together. Today, a month after purchase it will run and drive. I purchased a used set of Motegi 18" wheels off Craigslist for $250 and set the wagon down on them with a lil lower stance and will be wrapping them in new rubber next week. For now this vehicle will be an extra car/winter ride when the snow flies since it is all wheel drive.
4G64 2.4l I4, All Wheel Drive, 7 Passenger Seating
1.5 coil removed from all four corners, new struts.
Motegi 18x7.5 with 225/40-18
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