Excel Base
Transmission Manual
Originally intended for a 4G63 with AT FWD conversion but after much thought was decided that I go all the way with AWD. Car has sat all summer but is in the mix now and should be up and running soon. Scheduled drive date is June 2012.
Converted to AWD, 4G63 Powered
Hyundai Excel/Mitsubishi Precise
4G63 6 Bolt, Forged pistons stock rods, MLS gasket, ARP head studs, Balance Shaft Delete, SMIM,FMIC, 2.5" TIG'd IC piping, HKS SSQ, Fuel Cell, Aeromotive A1000, AFPR, Aeroquip lines, FIC 850cc Inj, Tubular Manifold, 20G Turbo, 3" custom exhaust, DSM Link
3000GT VR4 front brakes and rotors, Stock DSM rear brakes, Hydraulic hand brake, 1G Eclipse AWD rear subframe and front knuckles
Stock 2G 5 Spoke
Wide Body and EVO3 Style Front
Stock dash, 1G Eclipse seats.
Prosport Gauges, AEM Boost control.
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John Algarin4/21/2017

Hi I have a hyundai 1994 and im thinking of making it AWD but I wanted to know what parts did you use to make your conversion.