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V50 T5 Sport
Transmission Manual
Refinish OE wheels, Partial wrap, suspension & tuning, 18" Wheels (IF... IF they ever fix the damn potholes!)
PDR, tint, de-chrome grille, emblem delete
Nicely optioned, clean one owner from Denver.
AWD, 6 speed, Bi-Xenon, Sunroof, Sagitta Wheels
Roof Rails, alu interior trim
Ceramic pads
Wrapped roof, mirrors
Wrapped metal trim to match roof & mirrors
Digital signal chain w/ Audison processing & power, various snob audio speaker drivers, cables, and passive crossover components.
Fast pass to the car wash.
Super ridiculous GPS/RFID enabled security system w/ integrated interior/exterior cams. Does everything but drive itself. I'm sure the Man can track my every lance change.
Pure Rocky Mountain spring water, 3M, Griot's, Meguiar's, Stoner
Mahle, Volvo, Valvoline
Colorado Department of Transportation
Didn't realize I was OCD until I bought a black car...
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