Ford Ranger XLT
Ranger XLT
Transmission Manual
I am planning on selling the wheels next year and to replace them with the new models. I also plan on doing a bigger lift with fender flares to cover the more aggressive wheels and tires
Since I bought it I have done basic things like tinted the windows and have done maintenance to the engine and transmission. Recently I did somethings to it I added a leveling to it and replaced the wheels and tires with new TIS Monster Energy Wheels and bigger tires
So this truck was bought brand new by my father in-law. My father in-law loved this truck and it was garaged its whole life. Sadly my father in-law passed away fathers day in 2009. The truck sat in my mother in-laws garage for awhile it was then bought by my sister in-law and they had it for about a year or so. In January there were somethings that happened within the family that I don't want to get into too much. I ended up buying the truck from my mother in-law this year and I love the thing. I have always driven Japan made trucks but I absolutely love this thing and I hope to never sell it and maybe some day pass it on to one of my sons.
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