Toyota Hilux
Pickup Base
Transmission Manual
I am planning on lowering it even more but on air bags and I do plan on having somebody to some minor body work on the two front fenders.
Since buying it I have gone through the entire truck and replaced anything that needs replacing except for the brake master cylinder which it still needs. I removed the entire bed and and have gone through the entire frame to make sure it never rust. I also went ahead and lowered the truck about three inches and bought some aftermarket wheels for it.
I am the third owner of this truck, the previous owner though bought it in 1972 so really I should be considered the second owner. The previous owner drove this truck until 1997; the reason he stopped driving it was because at the time the brake master cylinder was going out and he was already 82 so he decided to park it in a shed where it sat for 15 years. The old man died five years ago and his older son inherited the the little truck. Because he was older himself he decided not to do anything to it and therefore sold it to me.
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Yeah man, truck lucks awesome. These and the old Datsuns are really badass... Thinking a feature in the near future (:

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I have a new respect for trucks like this after a ride in an old Datsun of the same era. Looks really well done.

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Thank you