Transmission Manual
Fuel delivery Driveshaft Shop carbon fiber driveshaft + axles Jacks Transmission and Differential upgrade Girodisc brake rotors
Royal Purple oil
Redline tranny cocktail
Cobb Accessport
Hawk HPS pads
AMS Cold Air intake
AMS Widemouth downpipe, Single-tip exhaust
AMS Intercooler, Hot pipe, Lower intercooler pipes
Eibach Pro Kit springs
Hotchkis 32mm swaybars + heavy duty rear end links
Spec Stage 2+ Carbon Kevlar clutch
Magnus CMC
Prosport Digital Boost, AFR, and Oil temp Gauges
AMS AC Delete
RallyArmor mud flaps
Torque Solutions Shortie shifter MAP Rev2 intake manifold MAP test pipe SSP aluminum underpanel AMS front and side engine mounts Torque Solutions rear engine mount AMS braided brake lines Grimmspeed 3 port boost solenoid
AMS cold air intake + K&N cone filter MAP Rev2 intake manifold - ceramic coated AMS intercooler + black hot pipe and lower pipes AMS widemouth downpipe MAP test pipe AMS single-tip exhaust AMS AC delete pulley AMS front + both side engine mounts Torque Solutions rear engine mount Grimmspeed 3port boost solenoid
Eibach Pro Kit springs
Hotchkis 32mm swaybars
Hotchkis endlinks
Hawk HPS pads AMS braided brake lines
Matte black stock wheels
SSP aluminum under panel Mesh bake ducts/ foglights removed Smoked side markers Smoked center brake light Smoked LED rear bumper inlays Shortie antenna RallyArmor mudflaps
Torque Solutions shortie shifter Prosport digital boost, AFR, and oil temp gauges Removed rear seats and trunk lining
Removed subwoofer
Cobb Accessport
4B11 / 4B11
/ 381/6000
/ 439/3650
4 /
2.0 /
14 Gallons /
Redshift LLC
Braden - custom tune
Sam's Auto Body
I Love My Car.
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I see that you used the Cobb Accessport, what tune are you running?

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The 91 octane stage 2 AMS map