Duster Base
Transmission Automatic
Clean up the mnotor and compartment to egt rid of wires and add some more billet parts to make it shine
Rebuilt trans using a B&M shift kit with a 2500 TCI torque converter . Complete rebuild of engine cleaning up the deck , heads . Completely balanced and blueprinted adding a custom grind cam from Racer Brown and new H Beam rods to withstand the boost if applied .
Caught fire on the first day i owned it , electrical gremlins . Have rewired entire car . Blew the motor after just one month due to a spun cam bearing . Spent the winter rebuilding the entire drivetrain making it virtually indestructible
Disc Brakes
MOPAR 383 Cubes w/ a Big Als 671 blower matched to s et of 750 cfm Holley Carbs . Blower is set at 7 psi underdriven by 17 . Engine made a conservative 589 hp on pump gas .
All stock
OL time cragars
Viper red paint with black stripes and a flat black hood
Stock with the exception of a monster tach and some autometer gauges
AM ( HUH WHATS THAT ) Modern tunes to go in this winter
Helmet and Diaper
383 cu /
589 hp / 5200
624 / 4400
8 /
383 /
Only Meguairs
I change the gas everytime i drive it
If your not going fast your not living .
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