Accord DX
Transmission Manual
We're getting ready to buy a new car, and the honda will be getting an h22 or h23 swap. Hopefully we will be building it for boost and getting her a nice new purple paint job :)
Stock F23A5 non vtec (for now)
Lowered 3 inches of the ground on no name coil sleeves. She's getting some nice coilovers before the end of this year
Right now the rear are 17in konigs and the fronts are off my husbands drift car(had a flat lol) hence the lime green
VIS carbon fiber hood. Black housing headlights and a Mugen lip kit
Exedy stage 2 racing clutch and pressure plate with a light weight flywheel
Turtle wax :)
basic maintenance every 3,000 miles.
She's a work in progress and the mommy mobile. But we're hoping she'll be lookin good and alot faster by the end of 2013
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