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88 GT
Mustang GT
Transmission Manual
Turbo, Cartech Blower Intake, Edelbrock RPM II Heads
Stock 302, Ported Heads, Cobra Intake, Anderson Pure Street Custom Grind Cam, Long Tubes, X-Pipe with Dynomax Dumps
Bought as a roller and sat inside 7 years prior to me buying it.
Rear Weld RTS S71 15x10.33 with a 6.5 bs and Champion Billet X Beadlock
Stock paint with a blue ground effect stripe to match the wheels
Slowing converting from red to black
Anderson PMS
5.0 /
225 HP/4200 RPM /
300 FT. LBS/3200 RPM /
8 /
302 /
9.2:1 /
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