Date: 10/1/2014

Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

Found My 4-Door Brotherin Media bypinkerton5/26/2015
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Creeping Media bypinkerton5/25/2015
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Tom's Nasty Ctsv Media bypinkerton5/9/2015
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Absolutely In Love With This Wild R8 Media bypinkerton5/9/2015
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Another Cali Find! Looks Decent! Media bypinkerton4/28/2015
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Spotted This Unicorn In Burlingame, Ca. They Look Much Better In An Everyday Setting Media bypinkerton4/27/2015
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ROCKYSDS: Nice find Nick!

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Late Nights At #tx2K Are The Best Media bypinkerton4/17/2015
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I Think It's Safe To Say, Kenta Needs A Set Of 3Sdm's For His Specb Media bypinkerton4/17/2015
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YoungK: Buy them for me...

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Putting In Work At Tx2K15. Such A Rad Experience Media bypinkerton4/15/2015
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iMPREZiONS: sticker master

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Everything Needs Some Low! Media bypinkerton4/15/2015
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