Revvolution DEFCON 1 2018 Announced!

Revvolution DEFCON 1 Cover Image is proud to announce Colorado’s first half-mile, quarter-mile and eighth-mile no-prep heads-up racing and nightlife event, taking place October 6 and 7th at the Colorado Air and Space Port (formerly known as Front Range Airport), Watkins, Colorado.

With a runway over 8,000 feet long, Revvolution organizers have decided to cut the runway in half, and run a half-mile roll racing event in one direction, and an eighth- and quarter-mile dig racing event in the other direction—at the same time. This alone lends itself to being one of the most competitive, unique and influential events in the country.

A new "digital call-out system”, which is to be unveiled at the event, helps match up competitors based on similar cars, abilities and performance. It guarantees fast paced adrenaline-pumping action.

For the first time at one of their events, Revvolution organizers are allowing overnight camping mixed with a Colorado-based music lineup that will pump energy late into the night. While the talent list is yet to be announced, organizers are adamant on bringing together EDM, funk and hip-hop to create a vibe that will be unique to this event and help bring enthusiasts of both the automotive and music industries together for a weekend not to be missed.

"We’re really showing off what we’re all about. Not just the racing, and not just the party, but combine the two. We represent the modern automotive lifestyle, and this event is exactly what we’re all about,” explains Revvolution owner and CEO Ryan Randels.

Mile High’s first ever no-excuses event incorporates a massive racing event and nightlife party built around the automotive lifestyle. Hundreds of competitors will be thrown into a tournament style bracket to determine DEFCON’s first victor. Are you ready?

Check out the official Revvolution DEFCON 1 Website for additional details




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