Pepper Yandell Breaks SEMA: Kato Ghost Rides Liberty Walk Aventador in Vegas!

Pepper Yandell SEMA 2015 Kato Ghost Rides Liberty Walk Aventador Vegas Strip

Photography & Edit Time Lapse by Pepper Yandell Photography.

The name, or should we say brand, Pepper Yandell, is synonymous with some of the most stunning specialty automotive photography in the industry to date. His work has landed front and center with the likes of Gas Monkey Garage, Chevy,  HRE Performance Wheels, ADV.1, BlackList, McLaren  and we're sure so much more. 

Each year Pepper heads to Las Vegas for the infamous SEMA Show convention, and like clockwork, he comes back with something that drops jaws in the photography industry. 

Take a look at this photo he just conjured up, in the most literal sense of the phrase, and released to the world just yesterday. As he so eloquently states, "A proper way to end SEMA! Liberty Walk owner Kato ghost riding his whip down the strip".
Now study this timelapse of his post-edit so we can all get on his level to push Pepper and the industry even further!

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