The Official 2015 Oregon Airstrip Attack Film!

Video by Nutropolis Productions in conjunction with Special thanks to Zimmerman Productions and Tony Hamblin for additional video footage. Cover Image by Chris Daley.

With the excitement mounting for today’s California Airstrip Attack IX, we are proud to release the official feature of the inaugural OB Prestige Auto | English Racing Oregon Airstrip Attack Presented by and Shift-S3ctor!

Solidifying Airstrip Attack as the largest series of its kind in the world, the last stop in the Pacific Northwest at the Oregon Airstrip Attack proves these events stand for more than just fast cars, rock star egos and ballistic 234 mph-passes down the runway of the McMinnville Municipal Airport. In this latest feature brought to you by Nutropolis Productions and, we break down exactly where this form of half-mile airport racing came from and why it’s here to stay.

Dial in, turn it up, and enjoy. . . Revvolution-style.

Stay tuned to for all the Airstrip Attack adrenaline-fueled coverage and for more details from August’s Oregon Airstrip Attack, check out the official coverage article.

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