Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack 2015 - Day 2

Riding high on the success from Friday and the buzz from the FanFest presentation it was time to get things going on Saturday where format changed to roll racing.

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The roll races competition is really what this event is all about. The high-level competition pits competitors against each other, taking them off the streets and putting them in a safe environment where they can really show what their machines are worth. It’s put so much more into perspective. It’s not just about how many horses come pumping out, but also about the strategy, the shifts, putting the rubber to the pavement, gearing ratios and having the cajones to hang it all out on the line for that one glory pull. This is what it’s all about. We’re not trying to diminish the importance of record-enabling trap speeds, but this is toe-to-toe competition and what many of our competitors come out for!

The lure of the roll racing also attracted some special guests like Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani of Qatar who came out to enjoy the event with a bevvy of Porsches, and leave some rubber on the tarmac. We also had Willie B from Two Guys Garage and KBPI join our very own Matheo Perez on the mic and jumbotron to announce the roll race finals. Both competed in last year’s event and we’re hoping to see them back out there in 2016!

The format for the day was fairly simple as we used the trophy competitor’s trap speeds from Friday (and Saturday morning) to set their qualifying times. We then took the top four in each class to create the brackets, and ran until we had the winner.

Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack 2015 Roll Race AWD Class Results

Kicking things off in AWD was the OB Prestige Auto Lamborghini Gallardo, adorned in blue chrome wrap and appropriately nicknamed "Double Trouble,” against the world-record-holding English Racing Evo X. In the beginning, the Evo had the hit, but just couldn’t out-muscle the Gallardo. We were treated to an extremely close race for the semi-finals between Gidi Chamdi (GTR) and Ross Fowler (UGR Gallardo). The GTR and UGR were within 1 MPH for qualifying, so we knew it would be a close race, with Fowler narrowly edging out Chamdi. This set up an all-Italian finale where the OB Prestige Auto proved too strong for UGR and took home the crown.

Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack 2015 Roll Race RWD Class Results

In RWD, Speed Society’s infamous 1969 Camaro fell against Robert Weston’s Z06, both running within 4 mph of their qualifying times. In the other semi-final, OB Prestige Auto’s RWD-converted Gallardo took the win against Bahman Moghadam’s ZR1. Much like Friday’s performance, OB Prestige took the RWD class trophy besting Weston and his Corvette.

Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack 2015 Roll Race 6-Speed Class Presented by Speed Society Results

In what would have been an epic battle of the 6-speed Supra’s (both with trap speeds of 177 mph), Jeremy Hepburn’s MKIV suffered failure earlier in the day, giving David Stephen and his 1,000 hp MKIV the by into the finals. After the Speed Society UGR Lamborghini took down Christopher Bird’s Z06 in the semis with a 50 mph speed differential, the UGR was able to walk away from Stephen’s MKIV in the finals giving the Speed Society crew yet another 6-speed title. Could the bulls from Sant’Agata Bolognese be stopped this weekend?

Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack 2015 Roll Race Naturally Aspirated Class Results

In a word: Yes. It was Corby Garner in the N/A class who was able to inch out THREE Lamborghinis (Doug Almond’s 2015 Huracan, Speed Society Huracan and Armik’s 2014 Aventador) in his 153 mph Corvette Z06. When Almond didn’t show for the bracket racing, the Speed Society Huracan had a by into the finals where he met and lost to Corby’s Z06—an amazing upset and something that will surely go down in the records for Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack.

Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack 2015 Roll Race FWD Class Results

The first of the semi-finals of FWD saw Myles Kerr lining up against Aaron Gosnell with Kerr taking the win to advance to the finals. On the other side of the bracket, Chase Jenson’s Integra went up against Aaron O’Neal’s English Racing Civic with a trap speed of 153 mph. With Kerr and Jenson advancing to the finals, Myles brought it to the officials’ attention that he had a cracked front rotor and a major safety concern. The officials gave him 10 minutes to resolve the issue with Jenson’s approval and the race continued. Kerr took home the win, but was absolutely impressed with the competition that Jenson brought to the event. We’re looking for Chase to step up his game for 2016!

Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack 2015 Roll Race BMW/AMG Class Results

In the dedicated battle of the Euro’s, Jeff Blair in his E92 M3 and Scott Dougherty in his new Mercedes-Benz GTS both had bys to slip them into the finals setting up a much anticipated rematch from Fridays Trap Speed competition. Jeff Blair walked away with the win over Dougherty, once again proving that the newest flagship from Mercedes just couldn’t hang with a well-modified E92 M3 running 153 mph.

It Didn't End There. . .

With that the 2015 edition of the Heuberger Motors | OB Prestige Auto Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack presented by and Shift-S3ctor drew to a close. A HUGE thanks to all that made it happen including our sponsors:

A HUGE Thanks to our Sponsors & Partners

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Thanks to the Colorado Springs Sports Corp, the Colorado Springs Airport and badass, relentless staff, the Colorado Jet Center, all our vendors, RedBull MXT, Willie B & Matheo Perez, Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Bristol Brewing Company, Radisson Hotel, all our volunteers and Kat Air Services for the awesome reception.

We, along with the Shift-S3ctor crew, were beside ourselves with the number of spectators and competitors and the reactions from the fans. Records were set, rivalries initiated and memories were made. We’ll be back for 2016, bigger, harder, faster and stronger. Stay tuned!

Official: Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack - Day 1 Coverage

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