Flashback: Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack IV 2013

Video by Kevin Landers.

Remember the days when going 225 in the half mile was f*cking insane? We do too and feels like it was years ago! And it was. We were going through our archives and stumbled across this gem that we never released and with Airstrip Attack 8 this week, we think it's time we showed the world. Enjoy this piece back from 2013 when Underground Racing reigned supreme with a new world record at 224.9 MPH established by Stacey Barnett.

Music selection:
Sleepwalkin by The Chain Gange of 1974
Hey Champ by Cold Dust Girl

Edit by:
Kevin Landers
Ryan Randels

Shot by:
Kevin Landers
Ryan Randels
Corey Davis


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kevin Landers (surferman802003)

When I'm not out serving in the Army, I'm behind my camera shooting video. My love for the modified lifestyle is not only shown through my lens, but also in my day to day life — from the car I drive to the people I hang around with.

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