North American International Auto Show 2015 Coverage

Article and photography by Eugene Slesarenko (EugeneSlesarenko).

The North American International Auto Show is the premier event for the auto industry showcasing dozens of high-profile reveals and insider news. While 2015 was gobbled up by the unveiling of the new Ford GT, there was a host of other hot cars heating up chilly Detroit.

The biggest news came from Ford, even though there were hundreds of different storylines coming out of Detroit. The GT grabbed the most attention and for good measure. This is a first from Ford—and hopefully, it is not its last. Check out Team Revv's full coverage of the unveiling and details surrounding the new Ford GT here.

The Ford GT350R isn't your average Mustang either, with a naturally aspirated flat-crank 5.2L V-8, redesigned suspension and some weight-savings, Ford dared to challenge its competitors with the track-ready sports coupe.

The NSX features an elegant design that bonds well with its sophisticated yet powerful power plant.

Beating out the Ford Mustang and Hyundai Genesis was the Volkswagen Golf for the title of North American Car of the Year... We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Bentley made an appearance as well with its drop-top GT Speed.

BMW showcased its impressive lineup that featured the M235i and the new 650i Gran Coupe.

Mini surprisingly unveiled a cute little concept that nonetheless points to the future of the brand's design language.

Jaguar was looking particularly sexy this year, with the Jaguar F-Type roadster and coupe along with its less noted diesel engine for the XE.

Still teasing us hard, Toyota brought the FT-1 concept back to Detroit. Each time we see the concept it grows on us a little more, and we're hoping that the production version will somehow embody the lines and aggressive presence that defines the FT-1.

The compact-crossover segment is booming and Mazda is capitalizing on it with its new CX-3.

The new Mazda MX-5 Miata broke cover last year, but it made an appearance here in Detroit. Could the MX-5 be what Mazda needs to take on the BRZ/FR-S duo?

GM and its brands were present in full force offering attendees a host of products to poke and prod.

One of the big surprises came from the company whose customers are most likely to doze off during a movie—Buick. The company dropped a flagship concept called the Avenir. Will it see production? Not as it is, but we can only hope this rekindles the brand's big, luxury roots.

Mercedes-Benz brought a bulbous concept to Detroit this year: Called the F 015 concept, it is an autonomous, hybrid coupe. How long before we see this on the road, we ask you, Mr. iRobot?

Mercedes is a brand that really speaks for itself: luxury, class, style, and performance all bundled into one. You really can't go wrong with any of their C-Class models.

Audi's stand had a slew of red and white—and just plain beautiful—cars.

Tuesday morning, Cadillac unveiled the 640 hp, 630 lb-ft, 0-to-60 in 3.7 second [link]CTS-V missile— scary enough to make a grown man cry.

The ATS-V was a huge release for Cadillac. Being its sole M3 competitor, the ATS-V aims to prevent the Germans from engineering the luxury/sport car market.

Lincoln unveiled their all-new MKX that is packed with advanced technology such as park assist, refined audio system and even a time-scheduled remote start.

To our surprise, we found the redesigned Falcon F7, somewhat of a unicorn that is built in Holly, Michigan. This hand-built supercar is far from a kit car, featuring surreal body lines, Brembo brake package and carbon fiber gauges that could be seen from the front.

Even the Red Bull rally car was enough to catch the interest of the press and bring some attention to the 2015 Ford Fiesta.

The new Ford Raptor definitely surprised us as Ford drastically changed the look of its predecessor.

Ford's social media wall, behind a turntable that the Ford Explorer sat on, was a popular place to sit and Tweet your reactions to Ford's numerous vehicles.

The interior of the Subaru STi features an abundance of carbon fiber… which is pretty awesome to any gearhead.

Lexus even showed us how to take your average car and create something that we all wish we could take a lap in, just one time.

The Maserati Alrieri concept car is a sleek hardtop roadster design created for one man, and one man only: Bond, James Bond. In all reality it would be incredible to see this car go into production, but we're not exactly sure we agree with how some of the body lines mesh together. It'll be interesting to see how the production variant looks.

We somehow couldn't turn away from something that's been around for the last year: the Chrysler 300S.

The Toyota Tundra was another big hit at the show; the Inferno color paired with black wheels gave this truck the sporty-sleek look that so many trucks are missing these days. Although the Tundra may not be a match for Nissan Titan's torque, it certainly produces significantly more horsepower at 381 hp and features a 6-speed automatic transmission, engine and transmission oil coolers, and double overhead cams with a 32-valve head design.

The Jaguar XE was another show-stopper; challenging the Audi S6, this XE will certainly bring some serious competition for the Germans

The Porsche 911 Turbo S is certainly a wild dream for any automotive enthusiast. Just imagine taking this thing around curvy mountain roads.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE is perhaps the most fuel-efficient sport utility vehicle set to launch late next year.

The Ram 1500 Rebel is a fairly impressive release, at least from a fresh—and a bit more aggressive—standpoint. Although the Ram 1500 Rebel wasn't the Ford Raptor competitor that we all thought it would be, the new hot-wheelesque Ram will serve as a fairly functional truck for those trendy cowboys who enjoy turning a dial to change gears (sigh).

Dodge developed a game that is as realistic as it gets, I mean, who else has a real hellcat in their living room that reacts to your every move?

The Chevrolet Corvette is always a big hit, but this isn't your typical convertible; with the ability for beating up on nearly everything on the road on your way to the beach, this beast is as good of a performer as it is good looking.

Nissan's Titan XD sure looks like it can handle its own with the 5.0L V-8 putting down 310 hp and a whopping 555 lb-ft of torque. Sometimes looks can be deceiving, but with the all-new titan, we think the customers will get exactly what they expect â€" a heavy duty workhorse that not only looks good, but outperforms many of its competitors.

Tesla Model S had quite a few gawkers, and rightfully so! This sleek rocket has gorgeous body lines, color and quite a bit of technology that features a digital dashboard and much, MUCH more.

Aside from the cars, there were plenty of beautiful ladies who were more than willing to answer some questions and take a few shots next to some incredible cars.


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