Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Spy Photos!

Article by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Photos courtesy of Chris Doane Automotive/Car and Driver

This automotive Frankenstein may be the most important American sports car ever—a bona fide, in-the-sheetmetal mid-engined Corvette. But until GM gets some proper Corvette bodywork on it, you can call it the StingHoldIllac.

A production mid-engine Corvette has long been a dream of Vette lovers, ever since Zora Arkus-Duntov, the "father of the Corvette,” experimented with mid-engine prototypes in the 1960s. While he created some amazing test cars, the mid-engine Vette was never greenlighted.

Until now, apparently. Spy photog Chris Doane got just a few shots of the ‘Illac before its security team wrapped it up in a blanket. But judging from that short nose and looong rear deck, there’s a GM engine hiding behind the cabin, under that thar tonneau cover.

This…thing…wears a Holden Commodore SSV’s front clip, a Holden Ute’s sheetmetal from the doors back and a Stingray’s cabin, roof and mirrors. Sweet push bar on the rear bumper, no?  

This development mule is working on a tight timetable: word is, Corvette wants to introduce a new C8 halo car as a 2017 model. The smart money is calling this next-gen supercar either Zora or ZR1. Or even better, Zora ZR1. But whatever it’s called, it’ll change the face of American performance forever! 

Would a mid-engine Corvette be the most important American sports car ever made? Sway our opinions in the comments!


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That's a holden not a chevrolet, most likley a ute