Game Changer: 600+ HP, Carbon-Fiber 2016 Ford GT Unleashed at NAIAS

Article by Rick Jensen. Images by Ford Media and Ryan Randels (RockySDS).

The Revv team stood in awe at Ford’s NAIAS press conference as the stunning new Ford GT was revealed. And as we got our first look at the 600-plus-horsepower, lightweight carbon-fiber supercar, Ford seemingly told the world, "Who says supercars can’t be efficient?”

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In 2016, Ford will start building the next modern incarnation of the timeless GT40. The new Ford GT is a rear-drive, mid-engine, two-door coupe that’s made largely of carbon fiber and aluminum. The passenger cell is carbon fiber, with aluminum front and rear subframes ensconced in structural carbon fiber body panels. Curb weight isn’t available yet, but Ford promises, "The GT will exhibit one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any production car.”

It’ll be powered by an ultra-efficient, next-gen, 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 featuring twin turbos, and making somewhere north of 600 ponies. Ford promises a wide powerband and "impressive time-to-torque characteristics.”

And the GT’s sleek form will give Lamborghini a run for its money. This new GT’s sculpted bod is both very aerodynamic and truly unique; the flowing lines recall the 2005-2006 Ford GT for sure, but more so pay homage to the Ferrari-killing GT40s from the 60s. But one thing’s for sure: however you look at it, the GT will be one of the most beautiful cars in the world.

Drivers will post supersonic lap times with active aero and a deployable rear spoiler, and get to saw on an F1-style steering wheel. Look for the GT to hit the streets and smack up exotics in late 2016 or 2017!

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Will the new Ford GT hold a candle to exotics like Lamborghinis and Ferraris? We think so, but how ‘bout you?


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