Acura Delivers The New-Gen NSX at NAIAS

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Images by Acura Media Room and Ryan Randels (RockySDS).

Teased back in December, the production version of the Acura NSX finally broke cover at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The car has been teased over the last three years at auto shows around the world, as rumors and speculation tore the Internet up as to what exactly the new car would be. 

Power comes from a hybrid all-wheel-drive system. The V-6, twin-turbocharged 75-degree engine is mated with an in-house designed nine-speed dual-clutch transmission, and a three-electric motor Sport Hybrid system. Final power outputs remain elusive, though.

The motor in the rear is a direct-drive setup sitting between the engine and transmission and aids in acceleration, braking, and transmission shifting performance. The two remaining motors power the front wheels resulting in a "zero delay" launch.

We must investigate this further. 

Like all new supercars breaking cover in the last few years, the NSX extensively uses lightweight materials including aluminum, becoming the first all-aluminum supercar. The body uses a space frame design with a carbon fiber floor giving the structure extreme rigidity.

Combining the high-quality materials and performance components is the Advanced Sports Package. The package was designed on the premise that the placement of key powertrain parts matter. The mid-mounted engine and front electric motors were designed to give the car the lowest center of gravity in its class, which it achieved.

The NSX is an extension of the heritage created by the original car, the team working on the original New Sports eXperimental car consulted when designing the new NSX.

With price starting in an estimated mid-$150,000 range, potential customers should expect the availability of more than one trim, but details are not available yet.

There is little doubt Acura has been fledging over the last several years, even though Acura and Honda have extensive motorsports history and may be finally recapitalizing on those roots. This is a major commitment for the Acura brand and a hint at where the company is going⎯a focus on the driving experience (hopefully).

At the end of the press conference, Acura stated the new car to be "…badass⎯in a luxury kind of way." 
We can't wait to see what that mentality does for the rest of the brand. 


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