2015 North American International Auto Show Debut Preview

Article by Rick Jensen (Turboguy).

Several drool-worthy performance cars make their world debuts tomorrow, January 12, at the 2015 NAIAS in Detroit. And team Revvolution is already on-site and ready to bring you each reveal as they happen.

Unless Nissan drops a new R36 GT-R, the most anticipated single debut goes to Acura and its long-awaited NSX supercar. Word is the NSX’s ultra-sexy bod will be powered by a three-motor hybrid system combined with a mid-mounted, twin-turbo V-6. Current estimates put power output at one meeeelllion horses (estimate may change slightly Monday).

Official Next-gen Acura NSX Unveiling article here.

Of all the manufacturers at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, Ford is without a doubt the most ambitious. The Blue Oval is set to debut at least four new performance vehicles—each with the potential to be segment-leading models.

Ford drops the new 3.5L Turbocharged V6 SVT Raptor coverage

Military bros and Area 51 security police will dig the new F-150 Raptor truck, which should "pick up” where today’s dune-destroying machine leaves off. Rumors give the new Raptor an all-aluminum body in-line with the new F-150 debut and we’re all curious to see (and more important, hear), what’s under the hood.

Hot hatch lovers won’t have to overnight parts from Japan anymore; their late Christmas present is a new Focus RS that may very well have segment-dominating horsepower and handling.

Ford Unveils 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R at NAIAS official #FordNAIAS Coverage

It’s just an embarrassment of riches for Mustang enthusiasts these days. If the amazing new GT or the high-revving, track-ready Shelby GT350 isn’t enough, Monday’s reveal of the seriously upgraded Shelby GT350R means they can now go Z/28 hunting.

Game Changer: 600+ HP, Carbon-Fiber 2016 Ford GT Unleashed at NAIAS

And domestic performance fans are straight gonna flip over Ford’s new halo car: a Ford GT successor that should improve upon the 2005-2006 model’s 550 horses, 3.3-second 0-60 and 200+ mph top speed!

Many more debuts are set for tomorrow including an electric Chevy Bolt Tesla fighter and a turbo 4-powered Mini John Cooper Works machine. And we’ll get a first in-the-sheetmetal look at the wicked, 640-horse Cadillac CTS-V.

Stay on and we’ll feed you all of the good stuff from the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit!

Images from TopSpeed and Cars Released.


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Eugene Slesarenko1/11/2015

I'm excited to see it all, this year may top the last 10 years of NAIAS, and team Revv will be there to cover it all!