The Ferrari FXX K is FXX-KING Awesome

Write up by Anthony Alaniz (Anthony_Alaniz). Pictures from Ferrari. Video courtesy of 4WheelsOfLux.

There are certain Ferrari’s that come along that are generation defining. They take the conventions of a supercar and turn them on their heads, pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible. The Italian automaker has pushed the envelope in track-ready race cars for over a decade and especially so with the introduction of the FXX, based on the Enzo and subsequent 599XX. Ferrari is an automaker that doesn’t have to play by the rules.

The XX representing the dead-eyed look of the companies fledging competitors.

Ferrari is continuing the XX tradition with its latest iteration, the FXX K (insert your own pun here). Based on the LaFerrari hypercar, the FXX K looks much the same outside of a few cosmetic cues.

Power comes from a pepped-up version of the V-12 and electric motor currently found in the LaFerrari, producing a total output of 1,036 horsepower. The engine making 848 horsepower, up 59, while the electric motor makes 188 horsepower, up 27 ponies.

The K in the car's name comes from the KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) booster, typically found in Formula One cars. Mechanical changes include the replacement of the engine's hydraulic valve tappets for mechanical ones along with new camshafts, redesigned intake manifolds and the removal of the LaFerrari's mufflers.

All that power routes through a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission that comes with four drive modes: Qualify, Long Run, Manual Boost and Fast Charge.

The power and mechanical prowess is only usable if the car can handle it. Aside from the thin-slit head and taillights, the only differing aesthetic bit is the Hot Wheels-like half fins protruding from the rear quarter panels—which we think are just damn sexy and straight form a future Ridley Scott film.

From front to back the FXX K has subtle and not-so-subtle aerodynamic bits. The automaker claims that when the car is in "low-drag" mode, it produces 50 percent more downforce than the plebeian LaFerrari. For those who up the aero notch, the car produces 1190 pounds of downforce at 124 mpg, which is 30 percent more than the base car.

Inside, the driver and passenger are swathed in such luxuries as racing seats with harnesses along with copious amounts of carbon fiber.

Like the XX cars that precede it, expect Ferrari to retain oversight of the car, whisking it and a crew to whichever track the owner desires. No pricing has been announced as Ferrari has said this is a prototype designed to play a crucial role in the company’s near-future research and development.

The question remains, how long before we see the first YouTube video of one crashing?

While a salacious video from 4WheelsofLux doesn’t show one careening into a wall at 100 mph just yet, it does allow our first listen to the aural beauty of the machine.

If you close your eyes and forget about what is making all that beautiful noise, you’d imagine you’re listening to a car on the twisty track of Le Mans. While there are other high-performance Ferraris in attendance, nothing looks or sounds like the FXX K, which easily cements itself in the pillars of Maranello lore.


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