The 10 Ugliest Celebrity Cars Ever

Article by Rick Jensen (Turboguy).

Celebrities have the widest wealth-to-taste ratio known to man. It’s science. So when gaudy mansions or Bichon Frisé-holding designer handbags don’t get enough attention, they buy expensive cars, and then promptly destroy them in the name of "style.”

Revvolution waded through the mucky world of celebrity gossip to find the 10 worst automotive abominations on the planet. Make no mistake, these celebs deserved to be ripped-on for these rolling sideshows; but at least they haven’t gone full-on tree-hugger like that Prius pansy DiCaprio. That’s… something.

Justin Bieber’s Leopard-Print Audi
Raging adolescent douchebag Justin Bieber gets bombarded with predatory paparazzi like every other big-time star. But because he turned a sweet R8 into a skanky, leopard-printed monstrosity that only a cougar could love, this ride deserves to be actually bombed. Preferably with him in it.

Cam’ron’s Pinked-Out Rover
Cam’ron is a rapper with a penchant for apostrophes. And based on this Range Rover’s eye-watering hue, he’s also hella secure in his masculinity. The pink leather-and-carpet interior takes the cake… shudder.

Chris Brown’s Sneaky Lambo
You might think that this unholy machine was painted with the world’s ugliest winter camo in mind. But the inspiration actually came from something even more hideous. You see, there’s a Nike Air sneaker called the Foamposite One "Fighter Jet” that’s bulgy, splotchy and beyond ugly. So Chris Brown, the standard of class and restraint(s), dug those kicks so much that he duplicated the look with his Aventador. So much hate.

Deadmau5’s Purrari
Mr. mouse head is cool in so many ways: his unique EDM sound, his sweet tats, his coffee runs with crackhead Rob Ford. But it’s pretty hard to make a Ferrari 458 Spider ugly—and he accomplished that feat with a powder-blue Nyan cat wrap, a bunch of logos and custom "Purrari” badges. Thankfully, Ferrari got its panties in a twist, so he had to unwrap the poor machine. But a new McLaren P1 is on order—so please dude, stick with the factory color combos!

Josh Gordon’s Camamera
Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon can’t catch a lot of things, including a break. And apparently neither can his Porsche Panamera, which was treated to this highly questionable, full-body camouflage. We used the world-famous Camopedia to peg this Woodland pattern, and then we used a barf bag after seeing the blazing orange rims. Just no.

Anton Kasabov’s Wack G-Wagon
Martial artist and stuntman Anton Kasabov kicked ass in Rush Hour 3—but his Hamann-modded G machine needs to be kicked to the curb. The wack is strong with this one: awful red accents, even worse lighting package, iffy rims, dumb logo. And worst of all: this rolling regurgitation cost a fortune!

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Rocket
It takes a lot to eff up an Aventador, but Nicki Minaj managed it just fine. This Lambo’s exterior is bathed in tampon-box pink, and the rims look like set pieces from a Harry Potter movie. Hey kids: the "F” is for Fugly!

One Night In Paris(’s Uggo Bentley)
Smokin’ hot, meet unbelievably uggo. We met Paris at the Luxor’s Halloween party, and she seemed cool enough in her camo outfit (again with the camo!). If we’d known she was gonna go all Powerpuff on this femeBentley, we’d have attempted an intervention. Even compared to her Supermartxe Paris Hilton Racing Team cycles, this is just the worst.

Snooki’s Facocta Escalade
When it comes to the world’s ugliest celeb-mobile, Jersey Shore troll Nicole Polizzi might have all these bitches under her thumb. Why? Because at least everyone else’s whip started out beautiful—Snooki’s Escalade EXT was straight fugly from the factory. And then this automotive shitshow was treated to a horrendous, snakeskin-black-with-pink-accents color scheme and leopard-print floormats. But best of all, after she somehow climbed down from the thing, someone actually paid seventy-eight grand for it. The horror.

Tyga’s Rapped R8
Gold-wrapped supercars don’t have to look horrendous, but rapper Tyga somehow makes it happen. His glimmering Audi is definitely questionable, but the God-awful cashmere interior pushes it over the edge. Of a cliff, preferably. Tyga, you lost us at the Forgiato Donk.

What do you think is the world’s ugliest celebrity vehicle? Make us retch in the comments.


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all the cars on this list were fair to great except for the paint jobs/wraps


The list is totally correct, the only thing I do want to point out though is Deadmau5's car. And this is a point that many people (including myself) miss; the Nyan Cat wrap is supposed to be stupid, Mr.Mau5 did the whole wrap for shits and giggles.