Semi Jumps F1 Car To Set New World Record

By Anthony Alaniz (
Anthony_Alaniz). Video by EMC.

While there is really little that drops our jaws anymore, with the Internet and YouTube full of the spectacular and stupid alike, a video from the folks at Lotus F1 and EMC⎯a "cloud computing, Big Data and trusted IT solutions" company⎯has not only created a hell of a viral video, but broke a record as well.

Mike Ryan, stunt driver and big-rig competitor with his banks turbo semi jumped over a Lotus Formula One car in spectacular fashion, setting a new world record of 83 feet, seven inches.

Aside from a vague video title, the short, 30-second clip is surprising for the fact that the jump comes out of nowhere. The F1 car and semi are clearly cruising side-by-side on a runway when a ramp appears out of nowhere in front of the truck, shooting it into the air as the F1 car crosses beneath the behemoth.

The clip is so short that the nine million-plus views are likely from people watching it over and over again, staring in disbelief. I know we were.


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