Revvolution Presents ModLife Unveiled: An Exclusive Automotive Nightlife Party Presents ModLife Unveiled: An Exclusive Automotive Nightlife Party

Revvolution is excited to announce an enthusiast experience unlike anything else by combining the 'modified lifestyle' nightlife with the passion for the automotive industry.

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About the ModLife Unveiled

We're throwing a huge party and inviting the industry influencers and enthusiasts, showcasing dozens of modified/rare/exotic cars, and listening to live music from the Red Bull MXT team all under the roof of the Praxis Event Center, a 16,000 SF warehouse venue near downtown Denver. It's geared to be one kick-ass event.

As part of this roll-out, we're also creating a sequence of viral digital media (video and photography) that we will use for the pending launch of the Mobile Experience.

We want you to be part of this experience—this movement.

ModLife Unveiled Event Details

Hanger Party x Automotive Showcase x Music by Red Bull MXT

Red Bull MXT

Date: Friday December 5th, 2014, Doors open at 8 PM, Party starts ~9 PM, Event over by Midnight

Location: 16,000 SF warehouse & lounge, The Praxis Event Center, 12876 East Adam Aircraft Circle, Englewood, CO 80012

Free Admission

Dress to Impress | Proper Attire Required

18 to Party | 21 to Drink

For vehicles that aren't part of the interior Showcase, we will have an outside Show lot.
All Welcome to Show: Import, Euro, Muscle, Exotic, Vintage, Off-road

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ModLife Unveiled Sponsor Inquiries

Please take a moment to check out our partners, whom without, none of this would be possible:

ar design
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Edge Autosport
Our Sport-Compact Performance Parts Source. . . Never Compromising Quality or Customer Service.
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Praxis Event Center
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Impacted Wraps & Graphics

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3P Performance

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We support those that support us. Send an email to for additional details!

ModLife Unveiled Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does 'dress to impress | proper attire required' mean?

A: For the guys, nice shirts, nice pants, nice shoes. Ladies: bring your A game. We won't allow anybody in that's not dressed to impress!

Q: What's up with the car show?

A: There are two shows. The 'Showcase' refers to the high-profile show inside the hangar. These cars all need to be approved by our team before showing up. You won't be allowed into the hangar unless you've been pre-approved by our team. Then we have the secondary show lot, this is right outside the hangar where we're putting all the quality cars that deserve attention. You do not need to be approved to make it into the secondary lot, just show up, first come first serve. To request Showcase display, email us at with some pics of your car and some basic details. Remember: we pride ourselves on cleanly modified cars.

Q: What time do the Showcase cars need to be there? What time can they leave?

A: Load-in is from 6-7 PM. Once we open the doors to the public, there absolutely will be no vehicle movement inside the hangar. You will be able to remove your car from the showcase once the event is over ~ midnight. We will also securely store your car overnight. You can pick it up from 9 - 11 AM Saturday.

Q: How do I RSVP? What do I get?

A: Send an email with subject RSVP to . EACH PERSON INDIVIDUALLY NEEDS TO RSVP, you cannot RSVP for a group. If you RSVP, we will hold your spot (limited attendance inside) until 10 PM. After that you will have to wait in the general admission line for entry. When you get there, be sure to have your RSVP response email on your phone to show the bouncer.

Q: Is this event free?

A: Yup.

Check out the official Facebook Event:


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