Obsessed Enthusiast Draws Amazing 2016 Camaro

Article by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Photos courtesy of chazcron/

GM is keeping the new, sixth-generation Camaro’s styling close to the vest. But that hasn’t stopped the Camaro faithful from drawing their ideal 2016 muscle car.

Previous Camaros—the 1982-2002, mostly fuel-injected pony cars—were many things to many people. Corvette-engined performance cars for street racers on a budget. Lightweight, agile machines for autocross and road racers. Jersey Shore commuters for hand-gesturing East Coast denizens with gold jewelry and Members Only jackets.

And the 325-horse, LS1-powered 2002 model was just steps away from greatness. However, it was hamstrung by glaring shortcomings: poor build quality, cheap materials and, uh, "questionable” aero styling.

That all changed with the 2010 Camaro. Not only was the retro-inspired styling fantastic, but the power ratings got a serious kick in the shorts: over 300 horses for the base model (!), and a 100-horse jump in V-8/manual trans cars, to 426 ponies. Even the interior was better—still a sea of plastic, mind you, but the retro gauges are way cool.

But even now there’s a catch: while previous EFI Camaros weighed in at or below 3,500 pounds, the 2010-up Camaros tipped the scales at over 3,800. Again, just steps away from greatness. But with the next Camaro slated to be built on the Cadillac ATS’ smaller, lighter rear-drive Alpha platform, the 2016 model should be a few hundred pounds lighter—a complete game-changer.

Earlier this week, a member named chazcron drew up some amazing renderings. They represent his idea of the perfect sixth-gen Camaro: body styling similar to the fifth-gen, but with a more aggressive nose, a more pronounced hood bulge and wicked, LED-based lighting. While the 2010 Camaro’s tail was straight-up bulbous, GM made great strides in the last few years smoothing it out. So we’re not crazy about chazcron’s rounded, almost Supra-looking rear—but other than that, these renderings are the sex.

The production model will be revealed in 2015 so we don’t have long to wait. And if the 2016 Camaro looks anything like these drawings, the sixth-gen pony car could be the best ever.

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