ModLife Unveiled Debuts in Denver, Colorado

Article by Ryan Randels (ROCKYSDS). Photography by Corey Davis (iMPREZiONS), Aaron Fonz and Stefan Rodriguez.

To formally introduce the Modified Lifestyle, we held our first ModLife club event on December 5 at the Praxis Event Center near downtown Denver, Colo. Appropriately dubbed "ModLife Unveiled," it represents a style of events that we at are bringing to select cities across the country as part of our ModLife Tour.

Rewind to Monday, December 1: the team was discussing plans for an upcoming game-changing product release, and how we're fairly limited on the amount of media we had to support the release. Over dinner and a few drinks at our home base watering hole (The 49th Food & Spirits on Kipling St., check it out it's awesome), we asked ourselves, "Best case scenario, what would we do?" After some deliberation, the answer was clear: if we could throw a badass end-of-the-year party, half car show, half nightlife club scene, it would be the perfect opportunity to represent who we are, and capture some primo media in the process.

The next afternoon, we got a call from the Praxis Event Center, a 16,000-sq. ft. hangar adjacent to Centennial Airport. Shortly after, our guys with the Red Bull MXT Team signed on. This was happening. We had less than four days to plan one of Colorado's most progressive automotive events. Our concept was simple: An Exclusive Automotive Nightlife Event. We had some work to do.

In just four short days, we had hundreds of the best builds in Colorado submitting to be part of the event. We had only 55 spots available that we were comfortable cramming into the venue—we knew we needed to accommodate room for a good amount of people, but we had no idea how many. Come Thursday night, we had all 55 slots spoken for. Fifty-five of Colorado's biggest, baddest and most high-profile builds, all genres included, all coming together for a late-notice event in December. Now we needed to make sure people were going to show up.

With the help of our friends and partners at The Man Cave Colorado, Nationwide Productions, FactoryTwoFour, Praxis Events and Exhibits, and a few others, the word was spread. We then wanted to ramp up the professionalism of the event so we brought on a couple of sponsors to help: AR Design,, 3P Performance, FAST Clothing, and Impacted Wraps and Graphics all stepped up in a big way and really helped ramp up the production value.

In just four short days, we went from an idea to throwing one hell of a party. More than 1,500 well-dressed enthusiasts showed up to be part of the experience. Free beer and mixed drinks courtesy of Red Bull were on tap, with music spun by DJ Goldy with the MXT Team. We finally could properly introduce the Dark Side of Literally dark, as we made a very important point to keep the venue dark and lit with mood, like that of a Vegas nightclub. We wanted to introduce this side of the industry to the scene. Wanted to represent something progressive—it's not just all about the cars or the way we talk, the way we dress. It's about the lifestyle as a whole. This is what we represent—The Modified Lifestyle.

Dial your browser to as we'll be releasing our official schedule for events like these and others around the country. We're coming... just not sure the industry will be able to handle us.

A HUGE thanks to our sponsors and supporters; without you, events like these would never happen.

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Man Cave Mike3/5/2015

Ryan knows how to throw a party! Probably one of the most fun events I have been too in awhile!


It was such a good time! Thanks guys I really appreciate what you guys did for us. I also loved the dress code. You brought class to this event. Please please please do this next year!


So bumbed I missed this!