Mad Genius Building A 4-Turbo, V-12 1GZ Clone From 2 Supra Engines

Article by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Photos courtesy of Sidekicknicholas on Reddit/Imgur.

If you live the mod life, you know there are two schools of thought when it comes to engine size: bigger is better (‘Murica!), and big boost. But Reddit, ever-logical hub of wisdom and celebrity nudes, just birthed the craziest-ever combination of those two principles: someone’s building a 4-turbo, V-12 1GZ clone with 2 1JZ Supra engines.

Our intrepid Redditor claims that his "evil genius” uncle wondered, as we all do, about welding up a couple engines to create a monster mill. Normal car guys then wipe, flush and go on with the rest of our day. This dude actually did it.

He started by cutting the blocks of two 1JZ inline-6s, then created a crankcase with a 120-degree V with lots of machining, welding, stress relieving and line-boring. Once he had measurements, a custom Scat crankshaft was dropped in. The crank uses small-block Chevy bearings, and Honda H-beam rods use Honda bearings. 

The heads were bolted up with one reversed so "there are common ports to the center of the motor.” Also, our Redditor claims that his wacky uncle "put the exhaust ports to the center just for giggles.” That joker. The intake, headers and turbos are still being worked out.  

Possibly the coolest aspects of this impressive fabrication are the cam drives and serpentine belt system. The serpentine snakes around an alternator and two water pumps, with two massive ribbed belts controlling both heads’ valvetrains. Freakin’ sweet! 

Mr. Cray Cray targeted 5 liters/300 cubes for this engine—probably mirroring the only production Toyota V-12 ever made. The 1GZ-FE is a 5-liter, 48-valve DOHC behemoth used in Japan for its Century limos. While it is a high-compression N/A mill, a few Supra lovers have built them for big boost. But in regard to everyone’s favorite uncle here—there’s nothing cooler than cutting and welding to make your own. Godspeed insane person, and let us know when it’s done! 

If you had all the necessary tools and machinery to try something like this, would you give it a shot? Shoot us straight and comment below.


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