Lambo Gets Abused Before Its Stage Rally Build

Article by Rick Jensen. Video courtesy of Brakim Racings.

Rally guys are unhinged. We assume you know that, but when you see some mamaluke abusing a supercar in a meth-lab backyard, you tend to judge.

But hold your OMGDafukHahas; here’s some context: the guy going all Dukes of Hazzard on this orange Gallardo is Matt Brandenburg, founder of Brakim Racing. Matt’s a software wiz who caught the stage rally bug a few years back, and his team has been racing, jumping and breaking shit ever since.

But Matt wasn’t just looking for the fastest way to blow through a ton of cash—even though his fire-farting, gravel-throwing antics pretty much ensure rapid, right-before-your-eyes depreciation. Instead, this was an emphatic statement that this bull’s prissy car-show days are over. Yes, the "Brakimghini” will live its next life as a stage rally racer.

Brakim started stripping the supercar soon after this vid was shot, and most of the body, interior and drivetrain are now gonzo. They’ll be installing a cage, rebuilding the high-rpm V-10 and prepping this thing for stage rallies, with huge suspension travel and itty-bitty wheels. We can’t wait to see how it turns out—Godspeed boys, you’re on the crazy end even for rally drivers.

Is changing a Lamborghini Gallardo into a rally car the coolest or dumbest thing you’ve ever seen? Change our minds in the comments below.


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