Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen Cries, Screams On 150-MPH Roller Coaster

Article by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Video courtesy of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Naw, just messing with you. Kimi was born without tear ducts, and he never screams.

For those of you who somehow don’t already have a big ’ol man crush on inaudible F1 hotshoe Kimi Raikkonen, then consider school in session. Kimi is what the phrase "no f*cks given” would look like, if phrases could drink heavily, fall off yachts and pass out outside bars holding an inflatable dolphin.

Raikkonen started out winning karting championships as a kid, before landing at Sauber F1 at the tender age of 20. He stood at the pinnacle of world motorsports in 2007 by winning the F1 driver’s championship for Ferrari. But instead of basking in F1’s star-studded limelight, he chose to enjoy himself by driving the wheels off of anything with wheels—or treads. He’s raced a Citroen rally car, smacked walls in a NASCAR truck and broken his wrist during an Austrian snowmobile race.

And the fact that he’s a fun-loving party animal—in deep contrast to F1’s typical corporate-robot drivers—makes Kimi the coolest wheel man since James Hunt.

That coolness extends to the Iceman’s demeanor too, as you’d probably guess after watching this clip. Kimi and Ferrari teammate Fernando Alonso recently visited Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, home of the Formula Rossa roller coaster. Now, this coaster is the fastest in the world—it accelerates to 150 mph in under 5 seconds—and Alonso and the other riders were loving it.

And Kimi? He was emotionless, probably thinking about fishing, or shagging, or motorboating in a gorilla costume. The kind with water, so feel free to click that link at work. Yep, the Finn’s smile-free performance is another page in the legendary Book of Kimi, a story that the world’s so-serious race drivers should definitely read!

We’ve teased this emotionless Nordic fellow for his off-track stunts, but the fact is that Raikkonen is one of the world’s top drivers.

What is your favorite race, move or pass by Kimi? Tell us below.


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