207-MPH Rocket Bicycle Destroys 650-HP Ferrari

207-MPH Rocket Bicycle Destroys 650-HP Ferrari

Article by Rick Jensen. Video by rocketman340.

To borrow from the Arctic Monkeys’ "Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts,” "There’s always someone taller, with more of a wit.” I can totally relate to that: I’m only 5’ 10, and my ex-wife—whom I call Fatina Navratilova—doesn’t think I’m witty at all.

And while those 6-foot studs might own the bar scene, it’s speed that rules the streets. We live for speed, strive for it, let it consume us—so it should come as no surprise that we macho car guys are destroyed when something outruns us. And in today’s nuclear horsepower war, you never know what that innocent-looking ride in the next lane is packing. In the case of this 650-horsepower Ferrari 430, there’s a bicycle that’s faster.

This entertaining piece of cinema comes from Arnold Neracher, also called the Swiss Rocket Man. Arnold is a fellow speed freak who likes to strap rockets to things like motorcycles and go-karts. And in a moment of complete batshit insanity, he thought it was a great idea to strip down a bicycle, and strap on a hydrogen peroxide-powered rocket.

He then found someone even crazier than he was to ride it: François Gissy tracked down a 650-horse Ferrari for "competition” and booked a track day at Circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France.

I won’t spoil your sheer amazement by blabbing about it—the Ferrari had a chance for the first 30 feet or so—but be sure to watch how fast the scenery accelerates on the bike-mounted GoPro. This is sheer madness!

Arnold here is but the latest in a long line of speed-obsessed rocket men, starting with guys like Saturn V creator Werhner Von Braun. Who’s your favorite slightly unhinged rocket inventor? Tell us in the comments.


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