World's Quickest Import: EKanoo Racing's 2JZ Supra Blasts 6.05 ET

Article by Rick Jensen. Video courtesy of EKanoo Racing TV.

Writing a "fastest Supra” blog is kinda like asking which of Mike Tyson’s punches is the strongest, which of Kim Kardashian’s butt cheeks is the roundest or which of Revvolution’s team members are trying to look the coolest in shades (besides me). The answers? All of the above, of course.

Yep, "fast Supra” is basically an oxymoron these days, so you really have to have something special to claim the "fastest import” title. And EKanoo Racing has something special—their Outlaw 10.5 Supra just ran an eye-popping 6.05 ET at 387 km/h (240 mph)!

Bahrain-based EKanoo Racing is owned by a Mr. Ebrahim Mohammed Kanoo. Despite his fancy name, Kanoo is a knuckle-dragging gearhead like the rest of us. In fact, 10 years ago his shop worked with the Bahrain International Circuit to host Bahrain’s first-ever drag racing event. Very cool, Kanoo.

Of course, we all know that when Middle Eastern gearheads do cars, they do it big. So it’s no surprise that EKanoo swings for the fences. This shop campaigns several hot rides, including the world’s fastest, 7.1-second IRS Supra, a Pro Nitrous ’69 Camaro that runs 5s (!) in the quarter and our intrepid Outlaw Supra.

Titan Motorsports built the Supra with a breathed-on 2JZ, which gets crammed with huge boost thanks to a 98 mm Precision Turbo hairdryer. A Motec tuned by Shane T gets all the 1s and 0s lined up, and a Liberty 5-speed trans passes the prodigious power to the pavement.

And whatever they’re doing, they must be doing it right: driver Gary White stages the Supra up, then leaves the line straight as an arrow while pulling the wheels hard. The Kanoo machine then touches down and fights him a bit, but he keeps it pretty straight and blows through the traps in 6.05 seconds. Wow. Congratulations to EKanoo Racing for this immense accomplishment!


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